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The Mandela Effect

The Mandela effect, is one of the most well known and talked about theories across the world. For anyone who doesn’t know what the Mandela effect is, In 2010 a Blogger by the name of Fiona Broome came up with the Term, which refers to very large number of people referring to a false memory. The reason this term was named after Nelson Mandela is due to one thing, A large Number of people remember Nelson Mandela Dying in prison in the 1980’s But in actual fact he was released from prison and died many years later on in life. This is the most well known one and this is the reason for the name.

However their is a lot of examples of the Mandela Effect that a lot of people remember, I will take you through some of them in this post and maybe in a later post talk about a few of the other Mandela effects that their are.

First up it’s the Berenstein Bears….. Or is it? Continue reading “The Mandela Effect”